Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Love Letter to the City of Bilbao

Dear Bilbao,

I know we had our ups and downs in the past. I may have even professed to hate living there during a time when I was very homesick. But that's all it was--homesickness, I swear! I didn't mean it!

I had the chance to visit you this past weekend for the first time since I left you in 2009, and I realized that I had forgotten how beautiful and dynamic a city you really are. I hadn't thought about how much I missed you until I returned, but I now think that I was far too harsh on you the first time around. You really are a great city. A bit expensive, maybe, and perhaps you like rain a little more than you should, but everyone has their faults. It's OK. I love you anyway.

 I just thought you should know how I felt, in order to clear the air so that the next time I visit, you might feel compelled to have a little better weather.

...maybe that's too much to ask.

Regardless, I hope to be back soon.


p.s. Here are some pictures that you look really great in, in case you were having doubts about putting me back in your good graces.
Athletic Bilbao and Euskal Herria flags hanging from so many balconies

The Guggenheim, looking cool as always

Beach at Sopelana (not technically Bilbao, but nearby so I figure it counts)

Overhead view of the city

Plaza Moyua all lit up at night (aka my favorite place in Bilbao)

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