Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving by the Numbers


Number of years since I've had a Thanksgiving with my family: 7

 Number of memories I have of said last familial Thanksgiving: 0

Number of Thanksgivings I've had in the States total (both with family and not): 20

Number of photos of American Thanksgivings that I have: 0

Number of Thanksgivings I've celebrated in Europe: 4

Number of photos of said European Thanksgivings: hundreds

Number of kilos of turkey bought this year: 4.7 (that's 10.3 pounds)

Number of Euros spent on Fernando the French turkey: €47 (that's ~$64)

Number of guests this year: 8

Number of times I've explained the "pilgrims and Indians" story in the past week: (feels like) hundreds

Number of good memories created at expat Thanksgivings: uncountable

Number of leftovers in the fridge: (finally) dwindling

Hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day!

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