Friday, January 20, 2012

A Short Spanish Lesson: Some Favorite Abbreviations

This is a short Spanish lesson about abbreviations, brought to you by the letter A! (OK, just kidding, but I felt like I was on Sesame Street for a minute there)

Abbreviations in a foreign language are one of my favorite things to learn, because it means that you're really getting the version of the language that actual people use! Here are some of my favorites and/or the ones I could think of off the top of my head, probably because I hear them about a thousand times a day:

tele, short for televisión: television, TV
peli, short for película: movie
bici, short for bicicleta: bicycle, bike
cole, short for colegio: school
finde, short for fin de semana: weekend
seño, short for señor(it)(a): Mr., Mrs., Miss (what the students often call their teachers)
profe, short for profesor: professor
porfa, short for por favor: please

Do you have any favorite Spanish abbreviations? Or favorite abbreviations in another language?

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