Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oh Spain

I have so much fondness for this country, where things like the above happen on a daily basis. Park wherever you want, no big deal! No pasa nada!

...which is why I'm filled with sadness to announce that it is probable that I won't be living in Spain anymore next year. I'd love to stay in Vigo forever, since I now have a life here that I absolutely adore, with great friends, delicious food to eat, and a beautiful city in which to live. But one must go where there is work. I'm not quite ready to say exactly where I'll probably be next year yet, as it's not 100% certainly decided, BUT here's a big hint to where it's likely to be for those that know me personally--my inner sixteen-year-old self is squeeing with delight.

Leaving you to think that over for now and feeling evilly secretive...ciao ciao!

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