Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Un Week-End à Rennes

Sometimes a weekend getaway feels so good, doesn't it? So far in France I haven't been traveling that much, mostly just enjoying really getting to know my city. However, last weekend the time was right to get out and take a little trip--45 minutes down the road.

I was finally able to make it down to Rennes this past weekend, and I have to tell you all--I fell in love. I think I'd really missed being in a bigger city. I mean, my small city is great, but I actually like hustle and bustle and markets and buildings and buses. My poor parents, their farm-raised minds are constantly asking each other, "Where did we go wrong??"

But I digress. Rennes is a lovely size for a city, not too small, not too big, juuuuust right. I really liked wandering around and seeing the churches and quaint old buildings and even a moat and drawbridge.

There are also government buildings, since Rennes is the capital of Brittany. These were done in a more traditionally (what I think of as) "old French" style. That is to say, think of a typical building in Paris and you've got the right idea. 

But what I found cool about Rennes was that there were these stodgy government buildings on one block, and when I turned the corner, I came upon buildings that looked like something out of a fairy tale. What a cool style! I loved the brown and white patterned wood; like someone took a bunch of gingerbread houses and stretched them really tall. And of course they weren't at all level--totally added to the charm! 

And of course, being American, I can't fail to mention how much I love European Christmas markets and how superior I find them to being in your average United States mall any time after Thanksgiving. Christmas lights, little decorated huts, hot wine and comfort food? Sign me up! 

Rennes' Christmas market did not disappoint, and I was pleased to find that the potato "soup" concoction I had reminded me a lot of something my mom usually makes in the wintertime. It was like getting a little motherly love in a foreign land, which, trust me, will always be well-received when I'm far from home at Christmastime. 

So, Rennes, cheers to a lovely weekend getaway, and I hope we can get together again soon! I've been told you may have even more delights to share with me the next time I visit. 

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