Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Ironically, a few weeks after I post about snow and cold, spring comes early to Spain! We've had an uncharacteristic warm (and dry) spell and spring has officially sprung! 

Well, technically it started "springing" two weeks ago and now all of the flowers are starting to turn into leaves. But regardless it feels so early to me! It's so much fun to walk down the street by trees that are covered in flowers. My favorites are the magnolias, although I only ever seem to see them when I'm in a car and can't get a good picture. But they're beautiful!
Flowers, Feb. 27th, 2012--Vigo

The yellow ones are called mimosas, and they're EVERYWHERE on the hillsides here. And I have a fun game that I like to play with Spaniards who tell me the flowers' name, where they say "Those are called mimosas," and I say "Like the drink!" and they say "Huh?" ...great fun. Then I obviously explain what a mimosa is and how it is delicious.

How is your spring? Has it put a spring in your step? Does it make you want to say "la primavera, la sangre altera?" ("spring fever," more or less, or "love is in the air" maybe)

I've got a spring in my step, that's for sure. No love in the air around here, but I'm always hopeful!

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