Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've finally found out where in Galicia I'll be teaching! After 1.5 months and 2 emails that said "hold your horses we'll be telling you your city soon" (in not those exact words), I found out on Friday that I'll be the new Auxiliar de Conversación in A Cañiza, Galicia, Spain! A Cañiza, Google tells me, is only 30 minutes (22k) by road from the border with Portugal! It is also 51k from Vigo and 45k from Ourense, both of which are nearby cities (400,000 and 100,000 people respectively). I don't know yet which city I'll be living in, since it makes a lot of sense to me to go there and see which city I like best before deciding. But it's so exciting to finally know where I'll be!

In other news, I sent in for a new FBI background check the other week, since my original one expired after 3 months. It was a little bit difficult to get the fingerprints that were necessary, since when I went to my local police department, they said that I needed to provide the fingerprint card to put the prints on, and that the one provided by the FBI online wasn't good enough, so I was going to have to call up the Spanish Consulate or the gov't of Spain or whatever to get one. I kind of felt like they were just lying to me to get me to go away, but oh well I guess. Luckily there's an FBI office nearby, and they consented to doing the fingerprints for me, so that was lucky. Now I just wait for things to come back to me so I can schedule my visa appointment.

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