Monday, June 22, 2009

Smoking in Spain

Short deviation to talk about something that is an everyday matter in Spain--smoking. In Spain, smoking indoors is illegal, (as this sign shows) and has been since 2005. However, no one obeys this rule. Almost EVERYBODY smokes, which I knew to expect, but it's still a little overwhelming. You forget, in America, how nice it is to have smoking bans, how we have nice clean air to breathe inside, how we can't be forced to sit next to smoking people for hours at a time. Here, that doesn't exist. People smoke anywhere and everywhere, all the time. At school, the popular place to go and hang out and smoke is on the stairs (as you can see below).

The stairs are constantly littered with cigarette butts. And of course, you could be at a restaurant and be seated near smoking people and not be able to do a thing about it. Bars are murder. The other thing is that people smoke marijuana here just out and about on the street. No worries. I guess it's legal to have for personal consumption, just not to sell. Very interesting.

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